Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Thing 22 – Reflective Practice

The things in this Thing (There's a mouthful) were all relatively new to me. I have little time to engage with podcasts, I have never given advocacy much thought and while I am a member of a professional body, I rarely engage with it. I hope that this Thing has changed all of that, that I will carve out time in my schedule for at the very least a podcast a week, that I will become more knowledgeable about advocacy and make it a part of my everyday life and that I will begin to engage more with the porfessional body. Time will tell. 
I found Thing 19 really enjoyable (and relaxing). Sitting for an hour, listening to two people I admire talking and calling it work research – bliss! I had listened to podcasts before so the technical side of finding, subscribing and reviewing was no bother to me. Writing an actually physical review was more daunting – I struggle with confidence in my writing and my voice. So I kept it brief and honest. I downloaded the app mentioned in the episode and so hopefully that will encourage me to listen to more. 
Thing 20 really made me thing. I have all of these opinions on the importance of libraries and the good libraries can do for the community but never really articulated them before. So this Thing really made me get my thoughts straight, think about how I feel. Ideas aren't my strong point, I'm more of a worker bee, so the questions that required more creative thinking were a bit of a struggle, but I hope I got there. I was honest about my feelings towards libraries and so I hope that was good enough. 
Thing 21 made me long for a time when I can get to these conferences. I have a disability and don't have a car so travelling for these things can be difficult to arrange. I have wonderful family members who drive me where I need to go with no issue but I don't want them to have to travel to the four corners of the country for me. I try and do what I can close to home regarding CPD, putting my name down for any course or workshop going. And I think, now that I know about all of the events, I will start to plan a bit more and try and attend even a couple. I have become very interested in the Associateship of the LAI so that will be the push I need to attend more.  
I have thoroughly enjoyed completing Rudai 23. I'm going to miss it!! 

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Thing 21 – Professional Groups

1. Learn more about the roles, activities and benefits of individual professional bodies by searching some of the links listed in this module. Write a paragraph in your blog on what you learned and how you can apply it to your situation. 
The link that I clicked related to the Associateship of the LAI. I have been doing a few bits regarding CPD in the last few months and I think that applying for this would be something that I would consider in the next year or so. I have nearly two year's experience working in both a public and academic library environment and so fulfill that requirement also. The thought of applying for it will also keep me focused on continuing my CPD. 

Thing 20 – Advocacy and Engagement

Exercise 1: Name three detrimental effects to a local community when a public library is closed. 
Elderly people might lose their only outlet and reason to leave the house and talk to others 
Schoolchildren will lose a place to go to after school 
The community will lose one of the only remaining free services 
Exercise 2: Find a Library Strategic Plan in Ireland or beyond for a library of any size.  Identify three ways in which the strategic plan also advocates for the Library Service. 
I chose the strategy of Cork Libraries. 
States that it will ensure the library's position as a centre for literacy development within the community.  
It aims to enable the user to become self-sufficient with regard to any research that they carry out. 
Will ensure that the library becomes a central cultural space for the community 
Exercise 3: Name three ways in which you can demonstrate the impact and value of the library service that you work in or use. 
I work in an academic library. 
Impact can be demonstrated through - 
Statistics on student engagement with various services provided 
Statistics on library usage alongside student performance in exams 
Qualitative surveys 
Exercise 4: Identify three key people (name their role) outside of the library in the wider organisation/community that you need to network with in order to advance the development of the Library Service. 
Teachers in primary and secondary schools for class visits 
Parents to encourage their children to use the service 
Local politician to lobby for increased funding 
Exercise 5: Write down in 200 words or less an idea for Library Ireland Week for a library you work in or use. 
Public libraries could do inter-generational events. Young people could teach older people computer and tablet skills maybe relating to social media and the older people could maybe act as mentors for the younger people – giving them advice and listening to them. 
Exercise 6: In your opinion what are the three best features of the My Library, My Right Campaign and why? 
It puts the onus on the government to provide the library service. 
Puts the library out there as a cultural space 
Promotes the services that the library provides for all kinds of people 
Exercise 7: In 200 words or less, describe a new area of librarianship that you are passionate about. How would you go about promoting it within the library that you work in and/or the wider library profession? 
Recently I took over the Snapchat account in the library where I work and I think that the more social media platforms that the library use the more students that we will reach. That is where the students are currently going for their news so why not for library news? Snapchat is also more fun than some of the other platforms. I would promote the use of this by having competitions where if you follow the library on the platform you get a prize. This worked where I work and more than doubled our followers. And then once they have joined the person in charge must keep it current for them to stay with various viral campaigns and further competitions for followers.  
Exercise 8: Choose an area of library practice that you feels requires debate. 
Should the government do away with fines for public libraries? Is it a deterrent or does it ensure some patrons will return? 
Exercise 9: Open up the ALA Frontline Advocacy Plan. Complete the plan for a real/fictional advocacy campaign. 
What is your goal? 
To increase the followers to my academic library social media platforms 
What are your objectives? (Why is it important?)   
Social media is the best and most informal way of reaching the users, can be interactive and in a sense controlled by them.  
What are your strategies? (the activities you’ll do to accomplish your goal) 
Run competitions with library card top ups as prizes to encourage more followers. They will be entered into the draw if they follow us on X platform. 
What is your message? (15 words or less) 
That the social media platform can be used by them to communicate with the library without having to do it face to face. They can ask questions and by telling us what they would like to see, control the content 
What data (or stories) support this message?  
When previous competitions were run of this nature, followers more than doubled on one particular platform. 
Who is your target audience?   
Students of an academic library. 
Why should they care? 
By asking questions and telling us what they want from us, it improves the service that they provide. 
How are you going to reach them? What will be your best tools?  
Posters in the library and around campus, cross platform promotion.  

Thing 22 – Reflective Practice

T h e   t hings in this Thing (There's a mouthful) were all relatively new to me. I have little time to engage with podcasts, I ha...