Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Thing 22 – Reflective Practice

The things in this Thing (There's a mouthful) were all relatively new to me. I have little time to engage with podcasts, I have never given advocacy much thought and while I am a member of a professional body, I rarely engage with it. I hope that this Thing has changed all of that, that I will carve out time in my schedule for at the very least a podcast a week, that I will become more knowledgeable about advocacy and make it a part of my everyday life and that I will begin to engage more with the porfessional body. Time will tell. 
I found Thing 19 really enjoyable (and relaxing). Sitting for an hour, listening to two people I admire talking and calling it work research – bliss! I had listened to podcasts before so the technical side of finding, subscribing and reviewing was no bother to me. Writing an actually physical review was more daunting – I struggle with confidence in my writing and my voice. So I kept it brief and honest. I downloaded the app mentioned in the episode and so hopefully that will encourage me to listen to more. 
Thing 20 really made me thing. I have all of these opinions on the importance of libraries and the good libraries can do for the community but never really articulated them before. So this Thing really made me get my thoughts straight, think about how I feel. Ideas aren't my strong point, I'm more of a worker bee, so the questions that required more creative thinking were a bit of a struggle, but I hope I got there. I was honest about my feelings towards libraries and so I hope that was good enough. 
Thing 21 made me long for a time when I can get to these conferences. I have a disability and don't have a car so travelling for these things can be difficult to arrange. I have wonderful family members who drive me where I need to go with no issue but I don't want them to have to travel to the four corners of the country for me. I try and do what I can close to home regarding CPD, putting my name down for any course or workshop going. And I think, now that I know about all of the events, I will start to plan a bit more and try and attend even a couple. I have become very interested in the Associateship of the LAI so that will be the push I need to attend more.  
I have thoroughly enjoyed completing Rudai 23. I'm going to miss it!! 

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Thing 22 – Reflective Practice

T h e   t hings in this Thing (There's a mouthful) were all relatively new to me. I have little time to engage with podcasts, I ha...